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Silent Install of Labview 2020 and Multisim 14.2 Suite

I have created a software suite of Labview and Multisim using this information.


Then our system admins run it through the VLM to create a VLI installer using this information.


Then when I get it back it has these 4 files.




Then I run start /wait install.exe --quiet --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot

But get an error stating 

One or more errors occurred while parsing command line arguments:

Unknown flag: /-quiet.


I also tried --passive with the same results.



I also read this


So I created an installer as followed.


start /wait _Src\Install.exe --quiet --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot

start /wait Client\vlmclient.exe /q

start /wait Install.exe --quiet --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot




Which gives the same error I mentioned earlier.


When I do an install.exe -h it lists the right commands and the commands I am using are correct.


How do I get silent install of this?


Very frustrating that a person has to jump through all these hoops just to get a silent installer.



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