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Shut off auto scroll when editing front panel

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When I am selecting front panel controls using the cursor to draw a selection window and my cursor goes past the edge of the window, the front panel scrolls.  I absolutely detest this behavior.  I suppose that once or twice in the last 20 years, that may have been useful, but the vast majority of the time it just screws up the front panel and I have to waste my time getting it scrolled back where it is supposed to be.  I have looked at Tools>Options... and File>VI Properties, as well as searching the internet and this forum, but have not found a way to shut it off.  Is there a way?



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For specific VIs you can right-click on the scrollbars and turn them to "Always Off" which seems to disable the scrolling ability entirely. For front panels which will be visible to the user I have seen people write simple functions to just set the owning VI's panel position to the origin (I think TLB' templates do this)

Matt J
National Instruments | CLA
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I'd hate to shut off the scroll bars; I do use them some time.  It's not that I never want to move the front panel, I just want it to happen only when I make it happen.  I have seen where someone put a disabled control at the origin, so double clicking on it in the block diagram moves the panel back (assuming the control was off screen), but I hadn't seen a function.  Can you point me to one?

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I attached the LabVIEW 2017 version of what the TLB' template uses. I didn't find one already online but it shouldn't be too difficult to take the code here and put it in a quick drop shortcut.

Matt J
National Instruments | CLA
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Accepted by topic author JohnEE
12-06-2018 07:08 AM

There's a quick drop shortcut that moves your panel back to the Origin.  It's included by default in 2018; the link can be used to get it if you want it for earlier versions.

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the Open G TK has the classic Fit FP to largest and is a common way to get around unintentional edits to the FP size.  And the decoration CAN be transparent (I-d personally only set it Transparent when App.Kind was not "Development"

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Kyle97330 - Great!  This will do the trick; thanks!

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