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Show Y Scale Style as a continuous line with markers

i want the Y scale to be displayed as a continuous line with markers when displaying data in multi scale graph. i could not find such an option in the available  Y scale display style options in lab view . Anyone used similar display style please share. I am attaching the image of a similar graph which is not from lab view environment



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You can customize the control and add a line there, move the scale and adjust so the scale markers point more to the left than right. See my crude sketch and ctl:



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Thank you thols. 

This is a good solution if the Y scales are always in Visible mode. When i hide the Y scale, the line is not hidden and it overlaps the other Y scale.

I have to make the Y scale visible when i select more than one channel. I have 10 plots to display based on the number of channels selected.


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You are right. I tried changing the tick markers to also include a vertical line (you can import a picture that replaces them), but that did not look good when the scale range changed.



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