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Should font size change with 2D picture size?

Using 'draw text at point' functions, I've found font heights in mm's don't correspond with what they should be for a given point size on different screens. I scaled the picture to fit different screens, so do fonts change size even when the point size is specified?!


For example a 400 point Arial E should be 141.1 mm high, but it's either 59 or 75 mm depending on the monitor.



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Not font changes it size, but size of point in mm is different on different devices.

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Thanks. Why is font size different for different devices? Or more importantly, is there a parameter I can read and use to adjust my font size for different monitors?



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You can detect the screen resolution of a display, but not the physical dimensions, so font size isn't something you can really adjust them accurately.

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LabVIEW uses strange font sizes (see here for details, but also read the comments).



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Thanks altenbach. I've read through that thread and variously online, and thought if LabVIEW assumes 72 DPI and I know the DPI of my monitor I could simply scale accordingly. That doesn't seem to be the case. Not sure why. Or why different fonts are widly different.


My aim is to display a font of known size in the centre of the screen (sounds simple enough!). I've attached my efforts and welcome any suggestions or comments.


Many thanks




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