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Shortcut Menu for constants (Editor, not runtime)

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Hi everybody,


I'm trying to get in touch with shortcut menus hence i followed this "how to": Labview Help for Shortcut Menus


I want to add a shortcut menu for string constants. If I convert the constant to a front panel object it's adding the context menu and calls the execute vi properly. If i add a string constant, it's not adding a context menu item.


First of all I thought about the wrong item definition in the plugin.ctl object references.But "string constant" is not listed. I remembered to having labview scripting activated to show up more elements. By doing so there's a "G Object->Constants->String constant" that i put in the object definition control.


However it's still adding the context menu to Frontpanel Objects but not for constants (both in code view!) but it's not calling any execute vi anymore - just giving the windows "hint" sound.


What am I doing wrong?

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Hey volks,


i stumbled over the solution doing random helpless trials: Even though creating an invoke node, calling "Menu Refresh" should cause the environment to update the menu plugins to reload, this does not affect all circumstances like changing the data type of the bound g object.


Hence only restarting the ide will solve this solution.


Thanks for everyone taking the time to read my question.

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