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Shared variables value cannot view through public network

Dear all,

          I am attempt to run my application on two computers and both computers will share their variables through internet. So i am doing a test to view variables from PC2 to PC1. Currently i having problem to view the variables . Below are the process tree shown which the connection is public network or internal network. As can be seen from the pictures, i am able to view the variables value in internal network so i am assume that there is not problem for the deployed variables. When i registered the public IP at PC2, it auto refresh the process name in the list but it cannot show what are the varibles available in the computer. I knew there must be firewall issues but i already port fowarded port 2343 and 59110 for the application. I also closed the firewall as well. May i know is there any port configuration/firewall/program that i might miss out?


Internal Network ConnectionInternal Network ConnectionPublic Network (internet)Public Network (internet)




shared variable propertiesshared variable properties


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