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Shared variable


I would like to observe values of  a shared variable on an android device. I do not want to use NI dashboard and write my own code. As I follow some of the previous comments on this topic, it seems that it is not an easy task.  So my questions are as follows:

1) Can I write my own code in android platform to read shared variable generated in  Labview? Is it very complicated?

2) I understand that it is possible to use Web sockets for this purpose. Which one approach is more efficient in terms of cpu use, etc.?

I do not want to use much of a cpu time.


Thanks in advance



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Regarding the Andriod application, i think that it depends a lot on the expertise that one could have developing Android apps. NI Data Dashboard uses LabVIEW Web Services to read shared variables. More information about LabVIEW Web Services and different ways to read shared variables can be found here: 

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