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Shared variable among PXI consoles

I am having trouble using shared varibles via binding with two PXI-RT consoles.  When I host a network variable on one PXI console and bind an object to that variable on the other PXI console, I am getting no connection.  However, when I use a regular PC and bind to the shared variable, I get a valid connection...


Does anybody know why I am unable to get a connection between PXI to PXI, but it works when I do PC to PXI?




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Hi Altran,


Have you ensured that the Shared Variable Engine is installed on both PXI systems? Also make sure that you don't have the shared variable binded to anything from the PXI that is hosting the variables.


Do you receive an error code when trying to connect?

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Thanks for the reply Mark.


I think i found the answer in this Knowledge Base document.

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