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Shared Variables: network publishing period vs LogosXT timer

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Hello together,


according to the white paper on shared variables, the variables are made available to the network  when the 10-ms timer of the LogosTX is fired. However, in the labview project, I can set the "Network Publishing Period" manually. How are they related to each other? Is the network publishing period restricted to the 10-ms of the shared variable engine?


Best wishes



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Accepted by topic author Lysandros
08-02-2018 10:40 PM

Hi  Lysandros89,


I checked it with LabVIEW 2017 and it coerces the Network Publishing Period to 10ms when I input value lower than that.

Do you need to update shared variables in shorter period? Can you explain how you want to use this information?


Best Regards,




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Hi and thanks for your respose.

I was wondering how the publishing perion can be set by two different methods, but now it makes sense.

The data are transfered through the network only for monitoring/parameter adjustment, so it is not time critical.

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