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Shared Variables is deployed multiple times

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Anyone experienced any issues with an application in development mode (LV2015) starting to deploy the shared variables every time it loads a VI?

This suddenly started to happen, and I do not know why or what I did. It now loads 11 times before the application can run. Very anoying and I do not find where to select a VI not to deply its Shared Variables. Deploying it ones should be enough 🙂

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Hi paljacob,

I am Kwan from National Instruments Technical Support. I am not sure if I understand the question. Can you provide more detail about your application? And what are you trying to achieve?


Best Regards,


Application Engineer United Kingdom

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Is the same library being deployed multiple times when you hit run or is it multiple libraries being deployed once but every time you run the application? Before you start the application, if you check in Distributed Systems Manager, do you see the libraries already deployed and running? Once it deploys multiple times, are you able to successfully use these variables?


To my knowledge, if you statically read or write from variables (drag it on BD from the project), this will always cause LabVIEW to deploy libraries that are not already running. If you programmatically read or write to these variables it shouldn't try to deploy anything (LabVIEW wouldn't know what it needs to deploy, if anything) but that would probably be a lot of work to change.


I'm not completely sure about this but I think windows event viewer shows the NI Variable Engine service starting and stopping processes which may give a better snapshot at what it's doing.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA

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Accepted by topic author paljacob

It was only a time issue. I have a main VI that calls several other VI's which uses the same shared variables to communicate between each other. This results in loading the same variables every time the main VI call the next VI on startup.


Solution was to Right click on My Computer in the project and check the option "Disable Autodeplay Variables".

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