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Shared Variable Deployment Failure

I am trying to run a shared variable over two PC's.  

I have two VIs ( & write .vi)

On one PC, everything seems to work fine.  However on the second when I run the read vi the following error appears:

Calculating dependencies...
Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while...
Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while...
Deploying My Computer
Deploying XXX Shared Variable.lvlib\\\XXX Shared Variable deployment failed (error: -1967362042, OS and Network Services: (Hex 0x8ABC7006) Unable to start service.).
Deployment completed with errors


I have disabled the firewall.  Repaired the LabVIEW installation and I have a professional license.  Does anyone know why the network service is not starting and is there a way to start it manually?

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Ok, I discovered the "NI Variable Engine" service was not running.  


After clicking start on the servcie the VI runs, however, I am not seeing any data on my read side.


In case I had done my project incorrectly, I decided to run "Shared Variable.lvproj" (the NI example).  It has the same issue.  The published variable is not being read.  In fact the only thing that happens is that if I switch the read/ write vi's onto different PC's the last published variable is read (i.e. it is reading the local shared variable).

Is there something on my network that could block a shared variable being published?

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So is one PC hosting the variables, and the other is reading / writing them? Or are both PCs hosting variables and both PCs are reading / writing both sets of variables? Can you post source code?


You can use the NI Distributed System Manager (DSM) to monitor and set variables hosted both on the local PC and on a remote PC. If the DSM is having issues connecting to the remote PC, then it's likely a network issue. If the DSM can monitor and update variables without issue, it's likely a code/project issue.

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