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Setup of axis in 3D graph



I just have a (simple) question, I need to set up the right graph (the black one) as the right one (the white one).

I want it to show three independent axis (x,y,z), going out from the center (0,0,0), just like in the white graph, but I really cant figure out how (its probably pretty simple),

any ideas ? 

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I have used some time now, to get it working with that graph, mabye it isnt possible?? Does anyone know were to find other kind of graphs, who can do that kind of stuff? (its my first time with 3D graphs)
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This is really annoying, shouldnt I at least get a dot or line at (3,0,0). I dont get it??
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Are you trying to adjust the look of the ActiveX 3D graph to look like the native LabVIEW 3D graph? If so just right click on the black graph->CWGraph3D->Properties
LV 2011, Win7
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Thanks, but no, that I found out 🙂 All I want is to set it op, to draw tree independent lines without the cursor (I just found out how to make that dissapear). That why I made the setup as the picture, like a test to make it draw the "X line". I hope it makes sense 🙂
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Sorry I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish. Could you try to explain it once again?
LV 2011, Win7
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I can try 🙂 In another program (previous version), they had a graph like the one in the picture, that I attached. That graph had three variable values, one for x, one for y and one for z.

So the graph was a kind of indicator for the three values, because he wanted to see them in x y z direction.

I attach a picture of how he did it, but I cant find the same VIs "plot line" and graph in LV2209, so thats why I try to figure out how to do it.

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This is how I want it, now I just have to find a way to make the same thing for Y and Z in the same graph.
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Hmm is it really not possible to put my VI into the same graph, I have tried a lot of different things?. I just want to combine the x y z in the same graph, as it is put up in my attached VI. 😞 (as I wrote Im a newbee to 3Dgraps)
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