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Setting up modbus communication between cRIO and display

I am trying to set up the communication between crio and modbus display. I am using MODBUS library, which requires NI VISA resource to be prepared. I went to NI MAX and added COM1 port to cRIO, called DISP. When I run the program on cRIO, it throws error -1073807343, resource is not present. HOWEVER, when I run the program on the PC, I can see the VISA resource and display works just fine. What am I missing?


I have NI VISA installed on cRIO.



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Hi @Fyzikfyzik,


After brief looking at your code, I suspect that after deploying your code to cRIO, you may be loosing the value from "VISA resource name". How about modifying this control to constant value that would send name as default?

Best Regards,
Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)

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