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Setting Power supply Agilent E3631A from remote to local with Labview?



i have a question:


Is it possible to set the Powersupply to local again, AFTER my VI has ended? Or do I always have to set to LOCAL manually?


Thxs Chris

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Check the 3631 manual, but SCPI has a system command to put SCPI compliant devices back in local mode


Try sending it



But again check it's manual.


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I maybe was not very precise with my question:


Just think of the simplest way of reading the value from the Power Supply; would be maybe like this one:



So, my problem is:


With the end of this VI, the Power Supply stops showing the values, it's display "freezes" (till I hit the remote button).


What I want to have from my VI: Measure me ONE single value of Voltage and Current, and the Power Supply should continue showing updated values (sometimes you can recognize it, when the last digits do not change for a while)


Thank your for the hint with the SYST:LOC, will try that one too.


BR Chris

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