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Set waveform attribute units as Diadem-style

Dear LabVIEW community,


is there a way (some API, or list of units) to set units for waveform channel in a Diadem-style, so Diadem could know them, and then manipulate with them? For example, simple units as kg, Ohm, mm - are OK, because in this way they are "visible" by Diadem database. But in case of strain, there is με, which is pain for LabVIEW string constant to set it...


I wonder, if there is some API with units lookup table, to directly use it in the code, and it would set units as Diadem expects them?..


Thanks a lot in advance,


Sincerely, kosist90.

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Hi Kosist,

I am not familiar with Diadem, and I don't know what the epsilon for units of strain are. But... there is a function called "convert units" I don't know if you are familiar with it. If you have a unit-less value going in, it will assign units to it. If you have a value with units, it will convert the value and remove units. 


Ex: value of 60 into convert units with "second (s)" units, gives 60s.


Ex: value of 60s into convert units with "minute (min)" units, gives 1.

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Hi gregoryj,

thank you, but this is not what I need. Diadem could use built-in units database, to automatically scale data. Thus, all what is needed, is to save waveform from LabVIEW with proper unit name, so when file will be loaded into Diadem, it could find this name in its own database...

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Hi Kosist90, 


Thank you for your reply, I have found this old forum where someone was asking something kind of similar, just that in this case the Unit assignment was intended to be done from wihtin a script. If you are interested it might content good references to the way DIAdem reads and looks for the units on a file. 

Now, from a LabVIEW stand point, I have also found this example code that modifies the structure of a TDMS file to include Names and Units for it s channels. I tested it on my end and it reads the corresponding units just fine. 


Hope you can find this helpful! Let us know if further assistance is required!


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Thank you for the investigation!
The all point is, that I'd like to avoid using special symbols (like ° or ε) in the code. Because, units in Diadem work in a way, that they should be written to file in the same way, as they are displayed in Diadem. Like, "kg", "°C" - are fine; but "kilogram" or "degC" - no, b/c Diadem then "does not understand" it with this notation.
So I hoped, that there maybe is some LabVIEW API VI, which will allow to specify needed unit, and it'll be assigned to channel without need to look for each Diadem unit representation...
But, at the end, I could like with it...
Thanks for your help!

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