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Set range of data in LVM file via graph

I am wondering if there is a way to graphically set range of data read from an LVM file.


In my case I am using two transducers to measure the line pressure while a valve is shut from full open to close position.  I put together a VI that reads the time, line pressure, & valve opening from an LVM file and plots both valve position and pressure over time on a single graph.  This VI also takes a numerical integration of the pressure to give me the area under the pressure plot.  Ideally I want to take this integral between the range of somewhere slightly before the valve starts to shut and somewhere after it is completely shut.  I envision doing this by plotting the data and then selecting the integration range by clicking on the graph and then replotting the data on the new time range along with taking a new integration.


I have attached my VI along with the CSV data file (converted from LVM file) and a picture for clarity. 

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This is likely possible, but this code is not readily available in the NI examples that we provide - thus you will have to right it. You may be able to find something in the NI Community Examples, but there is no NI stock code that does this. As a thought starter, you should be able to use the mouse to set the desired range and then use property nodes to gather the mouse pointer position. You would then have to program LabVIEW to pull the data within the range that you selected and integrate.



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