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Set of time parameter in the sin generation

Good morning! I'm sorry for yesterday's confusion. As a newcomer to LabVIEW, I'm still trying to understand how it works. I genuinely appreciate your explanations and guidance. I have a few questions regarding your previous answer. First, when you mentioned two VIs—one for AI (Analog Input) and the other for AO (Analog Output)—did you mean that I should run both programs simultaneously?

Secondly, I followed your instructions step by step and managed to develop two codes. I attempted to run them simultaneously, and I could see the AO working correctly. However, the AI chart did not respond to my signal generation.

I think that one problem can be the DAQmx write, it seems that the motor doesn't react to the signal. What type of issue can be related with this problem?

Could you please help me understand what might be going wrong? I would really appreciate your assistance in clarifying the situation.

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I tried to load your with LabVIEW 2021 SP1 (32-bit).  I could open it, could see the Front Panel, but when I tried to view the Block Diagram, the diagram was shoved to the left so I could only see the right-half of the While Loop, and when I tried to drag it to the right, LabVIEW locked up.  This happened twice.  


I do not know what is wrong, but clearly your code has a problem.  I've tried to help you, but I am now concerned that if I open anything else from you, I am taking a risk with my PC and LabVIEW setup.  If someone else on the Forum is able to successfully open your routine and safely view the entire Block Diagram, I would ask them to post the version that they opened, and I'll try to open their "verified" version.


For obvious reasons, I will not even try to open


Bob Schor

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