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Serial communication Modbus RTU between CPU and Speed variator

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I have a labview programm which can show me the values of registers of the menues of the speed variator Unidrive Sp in real time and can let me change values of the registers in real time.

Now i want to add in this programme a table with register adresses of the menu 0 only  and to read them.

I need your help.



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Are you asking how to read an Excel file?  I'd recommend the Report Generation Toolkit which is included in several LabVIEW bundles.  It can read and write Word, and Excel files.  I'm not sure how important it is but you also forgot to include some subVIs.

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Thank you Hooovaah for your response.

I just want to add the menu 0 to the programm that i already and to have the possibility to read the values of the registers that i will enter their adresses..

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I'm sorry I still don't understand.  I only speak English (and LabVIEW).  You may find more help on a subforum dedicated to a language you are more comfortable with.

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I am sorry for my english although i hope that my next sentence will explain more what i wish to realise :

I would like that when I type an address of a register can read it on labview. The file excel as attachment contains registers of several menu .. I would like to add only the registers of the menu 0


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Type it where?  What does excel have to do with it?  If you're reading from a register, it shouldn't have anything to do with excel.

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in the excel attachement, there is a table of registers that i want to put in my labview program ... is there any way to make this ?

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I can't follow your VI because it is missing subVI's, and most of your comments and subVI names are in French.


Where are you stuck?  Have you been able to read and write parameters to a single register?  If so, then doing multiple isn't much harder.  You'd just have to have multiple calls, or do Modbus calls in a loop, perhaps auto-indexing through an array of the needed register numbers.


Are you having issues reading parameters from menu 0?  If I recall with the unidrive, you'd do it the same way you'd call any registers in the other menus.  I think if you were looking for parameter 1.04, you'd call register 104.  So for a parameter 0.13, you'd just call register 13.


If for some reason you can't call any parameters in menu 0, menu 0 is just a remapping of other parameters, like you see in your Excel file.  So just call the higher menu parameters instead.

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Thank you so much..

What i need now is a VI that write the values in Excel...

I want to add that VI in my main VI..

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Search the forums.  "How to write data to Excel" has come up thousands of times.


One option is to use the Report Generation Toolkit.

Also look in the thread, , which gives links to other threads describing methods for interacting with Excel.

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