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Serial comms with an 8751 microcontroller

I wonder if anyone could help. I'm doing a project which involves using
labview to communicate with a program running on an 8751 microcontroller.
The program enables you to read registers and read/write to memory locations
on the chip. At present the program works in a terminal window, which I'm
replacing with a labview front end. So far I've generated a VI to talk to
the serial port (writes commands to the program and receives the relevant
info in hex).
My question is, if I want to send multiple commands down the serial port
more or less simultaneously with a view to setting up some sort of telemetry
with the incoming data, do I need to use this VI for each data source I wish
to record (i.e. have a n
umber of them) or can I get away with just one
output to the serial port. If so I think I might need to attach some form
of identification to each of the incoming strings so that labview can tell
where each piece of data is intended to go. Also will I have a problem with
the fact that the incoming strings are in hex (I read somewhere that labview
likes to have incoming strings in binary form and then convert them itself)?

Any help would be appreciated.

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