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Separate array 2d and save

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I was able to do it this way, it is attached. That way I will separate into subarrays by reporting the index of the column. How could I increment to instead of putting the index I put the name of the variable?



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Use the Search 1D Array function. Wire the output of the Index Array function using 0 for the Index Column (since that is the "variable" names are stored?) and your variable name in the element input. This will give you the index for the row parameter to use when you wire up next Index Array function. Place it on the block diagram and wire it up to the same 2D array as you did with the first one. Place an Increment function on the block diagram, wire the input side to where the 0 is and wire the output to the input of the Index Column parameter. Take the output of the Search 1D array and wire this to the Index Row of your second Index Array function.




You really should go over the free courses in LabVIEW. This is pretty fundamental stuff.

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