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Sentinel HASP Winsock DLL Error while running Executable

Hi all, 


after building an executable I find that I obtain this error when trying to run the executable from a shared drive.


The error does not occur and it executes as desired when I run the build in the local C: drive or when another user copies the files to their own local drive. This workaround is not optimal, as I may change the program in the future and would like other users to continue accessing the .exe through the shared drive, thus ensuring they're alway accessing the updated version (or the version I'd like them to use).


Attached is a picture of the error.


Could someone help me understand what this error is about? What is Winsock DLL and HASP API? If it helps, the VI first closes all Excel applications (using System, then calls a pre-formatted Excel sheet from a shared H: drive using ActiveX, opens a text data from a different location, and copies this data into the Excel and draws a graph on it, and then closes and saves the Excel data in a location specified by user.


Thank you.

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