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Sensirion ek-h4 / Humidity Sensor SHT21 - Error 1386

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I was using the Sensirion ek-h5 before and because of your help (Link) I could make it work with my LabVIEW program.


Now I switched to the ek-h4 and I was happy to see a LabVIEW GUI (Link) from Sensirion. However, the program does not work at all, I always get the error 1386 (see attachment).

The constructor node in the SubVI "" causes the problem and I found this similar thread: Link

However, I could not make it work after several hours of trying (I'm kind of beginner in LabVIEW).

Also the Sensirion does not seem to start (black display) as I start the LabVIEW program.

With the viewer software from Sensirion (V2) it worked for me.


I am using Windows 7 and LabVIEW 2015.

If you need any additional information please let me know.


I welcome your help a lot.




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Hi Tobias,


Great early troubleshooting attempts. It looks like the error is happening in your subVI "Create References_EK-H4". Can you post a screenshot of, or even the actual subVI?


Your error message indicates this is happening when you attempt to use a constructor node to create a .NET object, which means there is an issue with the .NET assembly you are trying to access.

You may find this KnowledgeBase article relevant:

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Hi Kodester,


Thank you so much!

The solution was in the provided link.

It was so easy. I just had to do this with the *.dll files:

"Tip: In Windows 7 or later, you also can right-click the assembly and click Unblock on the General tab to grant an assembly full trust."


Thanks again.

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