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Sending multiple commands to power supply

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Hi everyone,


I am programming a Keithley 2260B power supply using LabView 2013.  I know that I am able to make a connection with the power supply because when I do a *IDN? query, it returns the name of the instrument and its information in the read buffer. 


However, this code only runs every other time I run it.  The next time I run it, I will get a timeout error in the visa read, but if I run it another time, it works fine.  If I were to put another *IDN? query after the first visa read, it also doesn't work.  


I have a feeling this might be very obvious, but I just can't see it.  Any help is appreciated 🙂

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Your second write has the string in the wrong display type.  You are sending the literal string "*IDN\n" instead of "*IDN?" with a carriage return.


A simple fix would be to use the Send End Enable (just pull the property node down to have one more input and set it to TRUE).  Then you do not have to mess with adding the carriage return as VISA will do it for you.

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Thanks for finding that!  I wasn't able to get the new property node to work, but I will play around with that some more.  Thanks again.

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