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Sending labview to NI Dashboard/ cloud


Hello I am relatively new to labview and I would like to be familiar with labview so I created a very simple project. I have created a custom message in labview. I would like to know if it is possible to send this entire project to the NI dashboard for labview in Ipad ( especially the custom message as I may be using this for my main project). I am aware that we can use shared variables for the labview to communicate with the dashboard, however shared variables are only for indicators right? So how do I go about doing this for the custom message?


We may also include sound effects in the future. Is it possible for labview to send wave files to the dashboard as well? I found out that we can use Myrio to play wave files after making the wave files into array but I would like the sound to be played on the Ipad if we can.


Otherwise, is it possible for me to send this entire project to cloud and allow people to read the entire project not on my local network? ( for example people from other country can see my project created in labview). All of the examples I have found online only talks about local network.


I apologize for asking so many questions but I hope that someone will reply me as we are stuck for this part and I would like to have some advice from the experts. Thank you. 

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Let's start from first question.

Are you familiar with those documents?



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