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Sending keystrokes to a Excel Workbook via SharePoint



I have an program that sends keystrokes to any open application using the .NET System.Windows.Forms.SendKeys.SendWait method which works great and I haven't had any issues until users wanted to use this functionality within an Excel Workbook that has been placed on SharePoint.


Anyone who has used SharePoint and Excel knows that SharePoint lets you open the workbook within the web browser (I use Edge) and you can interact with cells, add data, etc. I had assumed that using this method would work just like it did before within any workbook using the Excel app but it seems that it doesn't. It acts like the data never gets sent or SharePoint is blocking it somehow.


Has anyone else ever ran into this before? I haven't tried any other browser. The workaround is to open the workbook using Excel. I wondered what others users have experienced, if any. I've attached a sample program to try out.



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Aye. Long day, fellas.


I didn't realize that there was a viewing tab within SharePoint. SharePoint (I think) has an extension called Excel Web Access Part and it let's you view/edit workbooks within SharePoint. It defaults to View least mine does.


Low and behold, I can't edit it.'s in VIEW MODE! But that doesn't mean other's cant. I am going to investigate this further but I think I found the root cause.




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