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Sending digital output signals in a timed sequence

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I need to be able to open remote valves in a timed sequence. I also need to be able to open them with a button outside of the sequence, so I thought using local variables inside a flat sequence would be perfect (the help tab says local variables can write to controls). However, while I can actuate the valves by clicking the switch on the front panel, when I start the sequence, the switches move on the front panel but no digital output signal is sent to the valves.


I have attached a simple model VI of the situation as well as the relevant portion of the actual VI.


Any help is appreciated, whether it be completely changing the structure of the sequence (i.e. not using a flat sequence or local variables, etc.) or just small changes; I'm at a loss as to why the switches move but don't actually send a signal. 


Thanks much!

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Since this is very similar to your other post I wanted to attach a link to it.


-Austin Stanton

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Thank you for linking it, this was the original post but for some reason I was unable to find it so I thought it was deleted and so I created the newer post.

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