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Send the data collected by the android cell phone sensors to Labview installed on a PC

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My question is if someones knows a way to connect the cell phone and the PC to share the values of the sensors of an android cell phone (barometer, termomether, gyroscope, etc).


Can the DATA dashboard app or any other app available on the Android market access the data of these sensors and send them via a shared variable to the PC?


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance

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There might be an App that allows you to transmit the values over the WiFi connection via TCP/IP or UDP. That's probably the easiest way to do it (and means you don't have to write your own . You then just need to write the LabVIEW code to connect to the phone and listen for /read the data.


For example - this looks like such an App (but there are many others):

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To reinforce Sam's excellent advice, if you have the option, it is almost always better to leverage standard protocols and interfaces.


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thanks both for your quick reply.


I will try what you commented.

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I tried this app that enables UDP streaming of any sensor values available on the Android cell phone.


I am trying now to modify the example available "Simple UDP.lvproj" on Labview help to read the data sent by the cell phone via UDP.


I am modifying the "Simple-UDP" but I get an error when I introduce the ip adress of my cell phone. Please find enclosed a screenshot of the error. I also attach the example.


Sorry for my ignorance since I am quite new to Labview environment and I am not very familiar to network communication systems.


I would be really appreciated it if someone can help to configure it correctly.


Thanks in advance

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Sorry I forget to attach the files. 

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The IP address you are listening to, looks like the internet IP address of the phone. There are various reasons this won't work - Reason 1 is that IP addresses on mobile networks are shared amongst multiple devices. Reason 2 is that UDP packets get blocked across subnets, if I remember correctly.


For it to work, your phone will need to be on the same network - i.e. it will need to be done over WiFi. 

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Thanks for your answer.


Yes I was making quite obvius mistake, sorry.


I have set up everthing correct now and it is working well. 


Thanks for your support

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Respected all, i am getting the value in a unknown format. eg: - <ÉÀg=ĝ[¿~ê how to convert as understandable format ?

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