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Send multiple messages using Channel Message Handler

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It is possible to send multiple messages, I mean, enqueue an array of messages using Channel Message Handler?


I am new in queues, I have seen that Queue Message Handler has the possibility to send an array of strings which are the "messages", they enqueue more than one string. But I have not found any example doing that with CMH. 


In my project I use "Get my message" and "Set my messages" VIs that Labview 2017 uses in CMH examples, I attached those VIs in the "Libraries" folder. But that does not provide me any possibility of sending more than one message at a time. 


What I want is to "feed" CMH in the feedback node with more than one "command". I will attach a .rar file containing my entire project. Thank you.

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I found the solution and I will share it to everybody.


Its simple: place a for structure that keep inside the "Set mssage" and the messenger channel, take outside the for the string message and make it an array, enable indexing and fill the array with the strings you want. Just like the QMH.


I found inspiration when I saw what was the code for QMH "Enqueue message(((s)))" VI. 

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