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Send current data from python to labview by data file

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I'm trying to passing current data from python to LabVIEW. The new data is generated every 30 seconds. I found this can be done by TCP. But I'm just wondering if there is easier way to achieve this. I'm thinking about if it is possible to set a time sleep at the beginning of the loop in python. Write to a text or dat file inside the loop. Then close the file right away at the end of the loop. Therefore I can read the data file in Labview while it is not opened by python.


Any suggestions?

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Yes, it is possible. Notes:

You can open file read-only (access input for Open file function) even if it is opened in another program.

You will need to figure out the way to synchronise reading/writing not to overwrite file while it is being read and how to read only new data. 

If it is local, you can use even UDP, seems simple both in python and labview.

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