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Selective sampling of multiple thermocouples

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I am trying to use a cRIO 4-slot chassis to sample and record up to 64 thermocouples.  Right now I can only sample the entire 64 channel set, but my desired product is a program that can sample and record any subset of thermocouples, selected by the user from the front panel.  The best I have come up with is using Boolean controls to turn the output of deselected channels to "0," and a series of LEDs next to the chart's legend to indicate which channels are recording true values and which are recording "0."  I want to use the Boolean controls to keep the program from recording the deselected channels at all.  I've attached a few pictures from my program.  The first is a portion of my data acquisition function, which takes the value of each thermocouple and puts it in an array to plot on the chart and record to a .TDMS file.  The second is a portion of the channel naming function, which combines the names into an array for the .TDMS file and sends each name to an indicator next to the legend of the chart.  The third shows the chart, with all channels deselected and unnamed.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this program more easily expandable from the front panel?

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I would work with clusters/arrays instead of explicitly using each channel name, etc.


See my sample code attached.  It is very simple, but should give you some ideas.



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You are aware of that a cRIO shouldn't have a front panel ?

The cRIO is an embedded controller, that should run a exe file by it self when you deploy you program after delevopment.

You are not able to run a vi on at cRIO without the development environment.

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