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Selecting which analog input to plot save

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so I have currently a DACmx setup ant this in my VI (part of a bigger setup)


analog in.png

this is currently taking 7 analog inputs. Using 'Mixed Signal Graph' as I will be adding some digital inputs as well.


What I would like to do now is to be able to select what channel(s) out of the 7 inputs is(are) plotted onto the graph and then save the selected channel(s) to file


Any suggestions on how to do that would be done?




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You should look into a Producer/Consumer setup.  This way your acquisition will be completely separate from your analysis and file I/O.


I would have an array of channels to keep.  So you can just run your data into a FOR loop and use Index Array to keep the channels you care about.


Another note: How fast are you sampling?  You might want to read more than a single sample per iteration of your loop.

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