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Select specific row from array, then subsequent rows based on input

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I have an array that contains 2 columns.  I would like to pick a specific row from the array based on the entry from column 1.  Also based on the # registers input, to pick subsequent rows from column 2.




Here is an example:


For the above entries in the block diagram, I would like to get this output:  0102 followed by the 2 rows in column 2: 0001 1003.  The overall output will be 010200011003.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Accepted by topic author hiNI

Index the 2d array by columns, search column one for match(es) and get the index/indices. Loop over the index/indices and get the array subset from column 2. Transpose array, or concat instead of index as desired.


Search 2d array.png



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