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Select multiple IO type in DACmx channel filter

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So I am using a NI cDAQ-9174 which has AO, AI, DO and DI cards.


I am creating a VI where the user should be able to select the channel(s) to output signals. Signal can be AO or DO 


Problem that I am having is that in the Filter Names, I cannot see how to select I/O type as AO and DO.


Basically is the dropdown for 'Output', I want to see all my AO and DO listed. 


Is there a way to achive this?

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Hey sherzaad, 


You should be able to right click the control or constant your using to select the AO or DO and choose the I/O Name Filtering option 


See Cannot Find Port or Line of My Digital I/O Device in LabVIEW DAQmx Physical Channel Control


Let us know if that helps, 

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Thank for your reply Rebecca.

That is exactly that the problem is.

I  can select select the AO or DO but not BOTH.

What  I would like to be listed in the dropdown are the AO and the DO. is it possible?

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Accepted by topic author sherzaad

Hey Sherzaad, 


All channels in a task must be of the same I/O type, such as analog input or counter output so you wouldn't be able to have a drop down with DO and AO in the DAQmx Global Channel control. 


What you could do is make a DAQmx Task in NI MAX for each of your IO (one for AO and one for DO) then use a DAQmx Task Name Control to select the task you want to use... this has a display all filter. 


Let me know if that helps, 

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