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SegY or SGY

I am working with sesmic data that has a standard format of SEGY or SGY. Has any ever used this format or know how to open it in LabView?
- there is always an easy way, but it is always the hardest to find
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Hi Beaton,

NI provides a data plug-in for SEGY (SGY) to work with DIAdem.  
DataPlugins: Supported Data Formats

I don't think this format is natively supported in LabVIEW. I will double check and get back to you.

Kalin T.
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I haven't found anything that corperates SegY with Labview so I have start to decode it myself. But if you find anything please let me know.
- there is always an easy way, but it is always the hardest to find
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Hi Beaton,
I did not find any additional information. If you are familiar with the format, then you could probably develop it yourself as you suggested. If you get it to work, it would be great if you could post your solution on the forum, so that other customers can use it as well.
Thank you!
Kalin T.
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Hi Beaton!


I have the same problem, I need to save the data in segy format. Any information about this would help me a lot.



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Hi Peter,


So I took a look around to see if anyone had written example code for how to do this over the past three years. It looks like Beaton did not post his code, unfortunately. My suggestion would be to directly email or message him to see if he could send it to you or, preferably, post it here on


While we cannot write a plug-in for you, I do have some links which might help you to develop your own.

-The wikipedia page seems to have a basic run-down on the format, while this page seems to have more detailed resources for you.

-This program allows you to convert segy files into ascii, which may be easier to read.

-This is our diadem plugin, which you may be able to access. The page indicates that the plugin consists of a vbscript.

-This is a matlab script to parse the data. Depending on the code, and if you have matlab installed, we have a few options that might help you integrate the code into your labview program.


As a side note, it is generally more beneficial to create a new thread, rather than reply to one this old. Beaton has not signed on to the forums in over a year, and creating a new thread lets the other readers know that you actively need help.



D Smith

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Hello there,


I found that there is a Data Plugin for the SEGY Data format.


Based on the description I would understand that this will work with LV2010 or NI Diadem 2010.

I have some data in my TDMS format and I want to convert it to SEGY.

So I want to create a new SEGY file write my data into it channel by channel and later on close it.


So what I do is I try to Create a new SegFile ( vi attached )

And I get the Error -2558 occurred at Open Data Storage


When I do the same with a TDMS file it creates a new one.


Help ? 🙂





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