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Seeking OSG-free alternative to 3D Picture Control

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By default, the 3D Picture Control is broken/non-functional on the Dell laptops which my company choses to purchase.  All these laptops have Intel HD Graphics chipsets. Disabling the Intel device driver (in device manager) fixes the 3D Picture Control.  These laptops now need to use a camera which requires Open GL or Direct X - only available if the Intel HD Graphics driver is enabled.


My understanding is that the 3D Picture Control is based on "Open Scene Graphics".

Are all of the 3D rendering controls based on the same version of OSG?


This is happening under LabVIEW 2011.

If anyone knows whether this has been corrected, great!

I'll probably try installing LV2014 and compiling a test EXE just to check this.



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Accepted by topic author 550nm

I have a Latitude E6520 with the Intel HD Graphics (enabled) and I am able to run the 3D Model of Solar System.VI shipping example without any issue.  I can manipulate the camera, etc.


Win 7-64, LV 2013

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Hello 550nm, 


Please check for any updates for your drivers and software. 


Are you able to run our LabVIEW shipped examples? For example de Solar System example. 


If it is possible I encourage you to have the software as updated as possible. 






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Good point / should have said:  my HD graphics driver version is, dated 12/16/2010.

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Hi Folks,

I should have mentioned that I did apply most recent driver (6/2014) yesterday before posting.


Based one ZWired's results I took the plunge to re-link and recompile the 1000 or so VIs under LV2013,

... but it was worth it, as 3D Picture Control bug is fixed! Excellent!!!


Thanks for the help, ZWired!



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Glad it worked out. 


It might be worth highlighting this to NI via a bug report.   Include information about both driver versions so they can replicate it.



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