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Seeking Clarification on "Type Factor" Calculation in Vision Development Module

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Hi everyone,


I am currently working on a project involving LabVIEW's Vision Development Module. During my exploration of the particle analysis capabilities, I came across the "Type factor" measurement, which is described as a "Factor relating area to moment of inertia" in the Particle Measurements documentation.


While this description provides a high-level understanding, I am keen to gain more insight into the details of how the "Type factor" calculation is performed within the Vision Development Module. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the underlying algorithms and formulas that contribute to this measurement.


If anyone in the community has a more in-depth understanding of the "Type factor" or can point me to relevant documentation/resources that go beyond the stated description, I would greatly appreciate your insights. 

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It appears that the recent "improvement" of the Help files have left out some details (including the meaning of Type Factor".  "Moment of Inertia", of course, refers to a "mass-like" quantity describing the relationship between torque and angular acceleration.  Can't say that explains a lot to me...


Bob Schor

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@Bob_Schor wrote:

It appears that the recent "improvement" of the Help files have left out some details

The automatic "improvement" algorithm has issues with division in formulas. They are either replaced with pictures or completely missing. The incorrect HTML code shows some parts of the formula, It looks like someone was tired of looking for and replacing all these formulas. 🙄



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Accepted by ED452



Agree to the sore state of NI Web based manuals.They are ugly and apparently also incomplete.


Some of us kept the old PDF manuals :




Google is your friend to find things, so You can download the manual here :




I do miss the old CHM file where you could find the same content as in the PDF file, but without the arbitrary page breaks :








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Much appreciated. Thanks for the response!

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