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See run button after stopping execution

Hello every one....can you plese help me about after building aplication in labview  it is showing menu bar like FILE,TOOLS EDIT,HELP .... when i have stop my execution  ...i would like to see only RUN button..,.

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Before building your application, go to your main VI and edit it's properties (ctrl + i), select "Windows appearance" from the drop dpwn menu and then you have access to lots of option such as "show menu bar" and "show toolbar when running".


Note that you can also edit these properties of the VI at run-time.


Also one thing that might help you is to close the front panel at the end of execution of your app.


Hope this helps

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Antoine Chalons

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Hi hanumesh,


i would like to see only RUN button..,.

No, you don't want that. Your users don't want that.

Do other programs you typically use come with such a "RUN" button? I never noticed such things in Explorer, Word, whatever you want to mention here…


As other said: switch off the menu for the executable. Switch off the LabVIEW tools menu bar!

Let your executable behave like any other standard Windows executable!


And next time please put more text in the body of your message and less in the title line!

Best regards,
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Thank you.......Smiley Happy

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