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Search strings with misspellings

@Gregory wrote:

How do you define closest match? Least amount of matching characters? Closest on a QWERTY keyboard? At what point do you say the word is not in your list of words, rather than just spelled wrong?


Why is the user typing in a word that may or may not be in your list? You could put all the strings into a combo box and let the user select the exact string available. 

+1 for this. I have some software where the user needs to look up serial numbers (which are easy to mis-type) so I created my own auto-complete (similar to quick drop) based on a pre-filled list of selections. When you start typing, a borderless VI containing a listbox appears under the string control and as you type it filters the list - you can then click on an item to auto-complete it.


If I wanted to do actual spell-checking / relevance calculations - I'd look for an existing library/algorithm!

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