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Screenshot Tektronix MSO4034 to PC using USB A-B Interface with No Scope Storage

This could just be a flat out "can't be done" type of question, but I've been working with GPIB and scopes with internal storage so far, so I had to ask.


Is there a way to take a screenshot with the default save location as the host device (your PC)? The MSO4034 we're using lacks storage, and I'm wondering if there is a way to bypass saving to the scope first, and just have it save straight to the connected PC.


Here is the VI I've used for the other scopes in our lab, as reference to how I've been doing this so far.

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Here is the code I used for a TDS3000 series oscilloscope, but the commands should be the same:

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So I tried this method (just rewrote the .VI) on my TDS5034 and it returned a file which couldn't be opened and was only 1kb.


I hooked it up to my coworkers MSO4034 and the VISA Read is timing out. Though I am working through a USB-B Interface, as his scope doesn't have a GPIB. I changed the port to USB and tried it and it did not work.


I've attached the VI in case I did something wrong.

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