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Scan Engine, NI-9149 and Variables

Good day,


we're working on a labview project involving the hardware in the subject. Due to the necessity of calibrating the measure structures we use the variables configuration tool in the project manager on labview. Any time we change a variable setting we need to replicate the deploy procedure. This work fine by now but we are in developing phase. When the system is in the client's hands how could we update the calibration (it could be necessary due to the aging of components)? Can we create a configuration file and send it to the cRIO working on a Scan Engine?


Thank you,



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Hello Francesco,

what do you mean with "Change variable settings"?

writing and reading Shared Variables don't require re-deploying, but for instance adding or removing SV require re-deploy.

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I mean change the scaling property, like Raw Full Scale and Engineering Full Scale.


Thank you, Lamber_86.

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Sounds like something similar to what I was just looking for.


Not sure if the above is exclusive to DSC.  I've got a couple of other links that might be useful as well.

How Can I Get a Reference to a Shared Variable?

Programmatically Changing the Alarm Message in the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module

Patrick Allen:
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