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Scaling how images are stitched together to make it look like images were recorded at the same speed



I have an interesting problem that relates to stitching images of a moving object together into single images that will eventually be turned into an AVI. I have a camera that takes pictures at a certain rate, and I have an object (piston) that can move up and down at different speeds based on the rpm of the crankshaft. I want to be able to take in those sets of images taken at different rpms and stitch them together side by side. In addition, I want to be able to use these stitched images to create an AVI where the objects look like they are moving at the same speed. Is there some way i can manipulate the images being stitched together to achieve this? I have attached my current VI which stitches from 2-6 images together. 



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Hi Ryan,


If you are looking for example code on how to stitch images together, I would recommend you to take a look at this post:


It shows you how you can stitch one image next to the other. 


As for creating the AVI file, you can use the function mentioned in this KB:

You should be able to choose the rate of the AVI playback. 


I hope this helps! Let me know if I didn't understand your question correctly.

T. Le
Vision Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for the reply but I already have that functionaity. I am interested in scaling the speed at which the object moves in each video, so that the objects appear to move at the same speed.

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I don't believe we have prebuilt functions that allow you to do this. However, something that you might want to do in order to have a video where the object appears to be moving at the same speed would be to decimate or add images to your video. Let's say you have a speed of reference for your object. You will need to decimate some frames from the images acquired with an object moving at a higher speed and you will need to add frames to the images acquired with an object moving at a slower speed. You can duplicate some frames to do that. 


Something else you could play with might be the playback rate. You could choose a playback rate proportional to the speed of the object if the frame rate is the same in every scenario. 


I hope this helps! 



T. Le
Vision Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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