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Scaling 24 bit digital word to real measured voltage on FPGA

Hi All,


i've built a SCTL on FPGA of sbRIO9602 to read digital output of a 24bit ADC.. 


24 bit word is signed and input voltage range is +-3V, inputs greater than 3V produce digita output of 7FFFFFh and less than -3V of 800000h.


Is possible to build some math with fixed point data format in SCTL of FPGA to realize a sort of direct voltage measurement to show on front panel the voltage that ADC is measuring?


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Yes, it is possible and you should be able to find the proper equation in the manual.


However, I would highly recommend against it.  Even thought I knew that it is always recommended to scale data on the host, I tried it all the same in my FPGA code recently.  Result: small bit of code took up 20% of my FPGA.


Scale your data on the host (RT side) and not on the FPGA.

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