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Scales in Task not being applied for simulated hardware

I have simulated hardware defined in Measurement and Automation Explorer.  In a Labview 8.6 project, I've defined a Task to read in analog inputs using scales defined within the same project.   When I run the application, I get simulated data, but over the range of voltages (0-5 volts), not the scaled range.  So the scales are not being applied.


I ask this question once before for another project and I was told that simulated devices don't work the same as real hardware.  However, I was able to get it to work for the other project which had different hardware and a differ task definition.


So currently I have two application, one that applies scaled to a task defined within the project, (using a simulated PXI-6254 and hardware timed task), and another that doesn't apply the scales defined in the project (USB 6218 task with continuous timing), and I'm just trying to figure out the difference.  Perhaps NI doesn't handle all simulated devices the same?


It would be a useful addition if simulated hardware not only allowed scales to be applied, but if I was able to define the simulated inputs and not have the full range being excited.  I do most development offsite without hardware and I typically end up adding my own data acquisition simulator to test things like exceeding limits and exceptions, which I can't do using the NI simulated hardware.

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If I am not wrong, Custom scaling  work for Simulated devices

I think you are not mentioning the proper range, when you use scaling for channels you have to assign full range (Scaled range not voltage range)

Hope this helps



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You can specify scales for simulated inputs, you will have to scale the range of inputs as well. However the simulated signal that you get from running such a task is hard coded.




Anna K.

National Instruments
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