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Scale and Calibration of Load Cell

I am having trouble with the scale configuration for an omega s-type load cell.  I cant seem to get any accurate numbers.  Can someone help me set up the DAQ Assistant for the ni9237 module accurately with the given data.


I have the calibration data attached.

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I recommend you stop using the Dreaded DAQ Assistant and learn to use DAQmx (it really isn't difficult).  Do a Web Search for "Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx ..." which will solve most (80%?) of your DAQ problems.  Have you tried creating a custom Scale using MAX to handle the offset and gain of your Load Cell?  If you can do it in MAX, you can do it in DAQmx (and, truth be told, you might be able to do it in the DDA = Dreaded DAQ Assistant) ...


Bob Schor

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