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Sawtooth signal with delay

Hi, I am just starting to learn how to properly use labView: signalexpress and am looking for some guidance on a project. I have been trying to produce a looping signal consisting of a "sawtooth" ramp that lasts for 2 seconds, going from 0V to 1V, and is followed by a 1 second pause in stimulation (in between two sawtooth ramps). I would greatly appreciate the guidance of anybody that can give me a brief step by step in producing this specific pattern. Thanks!
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Look at the ramp function to get an array of numbers that define your ramp.  Look at Initialize Array function to create an array of a constant value.  Look at tReverse 1D Array in case you need to reverse the direction of the ramp.  Look at Build Array to concatenate all the individual 1-D arrays together into a single 1-D array.

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