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Saving png photos with different names..

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Hello guys,

I am not not so familiar with Labview so i would like some help. I have a Vi which is actually controlling 32 RBG lights.We use DMX protocol..everytime one led is on then we take a picture and then the led goes off..Then the second goes on end so on..we have 8leds in 4corners..So we have corner1_led1,corner1_led2 untill corner4_led8 .So in the end we have 32 png photos saved.What i want is to save the photos with different names and the numbers to start from 1 instead of 0.. For example if we select white light and  save the images as "new" the images are going to be named "new_white_0_0" instead of "new_white_1_1" . Do you have any idea how i can change it?


Attached current photos names and Vi. 

Any comment would be helpful.

Thank you.


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The indexing terminal (the [ i ] in the for loop) starts at 0. When creating your filename, use the "increment" primitive from the numeric palette. Then your file names will start at 1 instead of 0.


I noticed from your VI that you do a lot of string concatenation to build the file name/path, you can use the format into string and build path VIs to make the block diagram look a little simpler. You could also update the deprecated functions (e.g. the open file) with the modern equivalents.


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Sam_Sharp, i made the changes and the numeration starts correctly.Thank you very much for your help.I will also try the rest of your suggestions.

Have a nice day!

Thnx again!

Smiley Happy

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