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Saving data to a text file

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I am trying to save data to a text file but the last array of data (i.e., from Keysight1) is being written to new line. I want to save all the data in a single row. 


This is how the data looks.This is how the data looks.


This is how the data looks.  


What am I doing wrong here? 


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"Array to spreadsheet string" appends a carriage return and newline character at the end of the string it generates.

Insert a "Trim white space" after your first "array to spreadsheet string" and you are set:


Regards, Jens

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The Array To Spreadsheet String adds an End Of Line character at the end of the string.  You can use Trim Whitespace to clear that out.  You only need that after the first Array To Spreadsheet String.

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