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Saving Events and Alarms

I am developing a BridgeVIEW application and I encountered the following problem:
- I am using tags with alarm and event enabled, and also with Log Event options

enabled. In the morning, when I start the application, the engine create
event file and start logging events and alarms. After 12 or 13 PM, the logging
and if I restart the engine, a new event file is created but it is empty.
If I let my application
running, after 18 PM the engine start logging the events in the file created

at 12:30. If a try a exemple (let say Cookies exemple) it allways will log
events, no matter
what time is it.

Did anybody know what is the problem?

Thank you in advance.
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This is a known issue for BV 1.0 to 2.1.1. There is a "timeout" feature in the event logger that is hard-coded to 10 minutes. The problem is that the event logger fails to create the new log file if no alarms or events are reported during this timeout period.

LV DSC is the new verson of BV and has a database that saves this information rather than seperate files. There is a feature that allows report files to be generated with the alarm, event and/or data that is desired.
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