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Saving Data to cRIO 9024

Hi all,


I am a new LabVIEW user trying to save measurement data to an NI cRIO 9024.


My code currently appears as follows, where the "z" drive is the drive I specified for communications with the Real-Time Controller's internal storage over the network drive.


Whenever I go to see if the "rawData.csv" has either been replaced or created after running some data, the file is always blank. No errors are returned by any of the subVIs, but in the past when I tried a similar method with Write to the code could not locate the file location.




My guess is that it is something to do with either the way I am saving to a shared variable, file permissions with the RT Controller, or the way I am specifying where the file is written. As far as file location, I've tried "C:\dtra" "c:\dtra" "Z:\dtra" and "z:\dtra" -- the LabVIEW resources specify "C" or "c" when working with VxWorks OS but I connect using "Z," so I'm unsure which is right or if this is even the problem.


A few weeks ago I successfully managed to get a workaround with RT FIFOs, but I recently had to add strings to the data which RT FIFOs do not support; i.e. I find that it is unlikely that it is anything else in my code causing the issue.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been trying to figure this out myself forever.


Thank you!

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I almost never save data on an RT Target (which is not made for I/O, but for Real-Time applications) -- instead, I stream the data (using Network Streams) back to the PC and get the PC to do the I/O for me.


I might be able to try out your code and see if I can figure out where you are going astray, but you failed to attach any code, only "pictures" of (some of?) your code.  I strongly recommend that you compress your Project and attach the resulting .zip file, letting us know which VI(s) we should inspect.  It might also be helpful if you had some "demonstration" data (fill an array with data, then select the data with a right-click and choose "Make Current Values Default" from the Edit menu so the data will be "preserved" when you close the file and send it to us.


Bob Schor

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