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Saving 12-bit *.avi files

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Sure, here's an example of aquiring image data using grab aquire to take images from a camera, whilst a second loop streams data to a binary file. The program was designed to aquire the camera data as fast as possible without having to wait for the image data to be written to the hard drive. 


I think you said you were only recording data infrequently so the queue functions may not be so necessary in your case. 


yes you can save any number of images (in number array format) to a single binary file. Labview will automatically include the header information in the binary file for you, detailing the position of the imges within the file so when you come to read them again, it will already know the image size and the number of images within the file - very useful! All you have to do is specify the data type and if there is an error in your binary file reading program, it is most likely caused by an incorrect data type wiring to the binary file read


As for reading the files, it will depend on your intent. I have succesfully read binary files with ImageJ (shareware image processing program) without converting them at all. I don't use MATLAB very often but i'm almost 100% sure it will allow you to read binary files and manipulate the data as you see fit then re-save in a different format. 


I did have a nice weekend thanks 😉

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